About Me

I live in the mountainous, forested wilderness of Central  British Columbia, Canada in a clearing in the woods where I garden, forage, and am always  using , learning more about, cooking and creating with herbs and  wild plants. I also try to find as much time as possible to stare up at the star-studded night sky,  canoe wild lakes, walk and hike in summer, ski in winter, and breathe in the inspiring beauty of nature all year long.

Home . . . in the woods, among the weeds

This blog is about trying to live a life close to and informed by nature, seeking out beauty, mindfulness, peace, joy and all those sometimes elusive, sometimes tangible and concrete wonderments of living. It’s about my experiences as a human creature in this particular place and time on this earth.



2 responses to “About

  1. I’m touched to see my blog listed (‘qualia’) (thank you!) – and loved reading yours! I too am a herbalist, and forage, and belong in wild places. A big hello to you in BC from me in Devon, UK – isn’t the blogosphere amazing? And Henrietta of ‘Angel Wings’ etc is a friend and workshop participant. A bow to you in your woods. Roselle

    • Thanks for the comment Roselle. I really enjoy your blog and Henrietta’s. Henrietta is an old friend of mine and, to me, a very inspiring person. I love Devon and will be visiting again . . . sometime.

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