Photo of the Day

Years ago, May 1995 to be exact,  when living (temporarily) in a tent on a tiny island on the Queen Charlotte’s, I met a fascinating man. He was an archeologist between projects and he and I were both volunteer/wannabee organic farmers on this incredibly beautiful, secluded island farm.

This was back in the days when you put film in a camera, so you couldn’t carelessly snap a dozen  shots and hope one turned out okay. He had an interesting habit of taking one photo a day, every day, and only one photo. This way,  he spent each of his days  looking for something beautiful, something meaningful, something worth remembering.

I remembered him and his one-photo-a-day discipline just yesterday . . . I was thinking of a friend on the West Coast who has met a lovely new man who loves to kayak and, thinking of their  kayaking trips to come, this made me recall  how this fellow and I would explore the tiny islands around the  farm   in kayaks borrowed from the farmers.  We loved going out after lunch (usually something with brown rice and nettles and other wild spring greens) getting in the little boats and heading off to sea. We would pull up on a rugged, pebbled beach and lie in the afternoon sun,  or hide under the boughs of a sheltering cedar in the rain, listening to the crashing waves and looking out over endless Pacific ocean stretching all the way to Japan.

To my delight, I found I still have a couple of photos from my days there, one of the farm-in-progress, which I understand has for many years been a thriving market garden operation:

And one of us setting out on our afternoon kayak expeditions (I’d forgotten about the dog making a ruckus every time we paddled off – he’s on the right howling away):


I want to try out his practice of taking just one photo a day, and see what kind of story that ends up telling.  Here’s today’s photo, taken while I was out in my cabin writing letters (seriously, the kind you deposit in a mailbox)  this afternoon:

March 7 2012

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8 responses to “Photo of the Day

  1. Ooh the memories of Maude! Xo

  2. Memories, indeed, Michelle. Can you believe how long it’s been? I bought that glass jar in the photo when I was visiting you in Rossland at that antiquey-gifty shop we went into. Everything is connected.

  3. Nice to see you back, Laurel. Ah, those days of photographic film and deckle-edged writing paper! I remember them well. And I suppose bound books will all soon be completely digitised and kindled and things of the past, like the antimacassar and the vinyl LP (though I believe the latter is making a comeback). Not that I’m a luddite per se — I love my Mac computer.

    I’m not sure what story your photo tells, but that’s a fine blue pot. You could get a good amount of soup or stew in it on a cold, snowy day.

    And many thanks for all your recent comments, btw.

    • The blue pot contains lavender, rosemary, and mint (equal parts). It’s one of my favourite teas, especially with shortbread. I traded soap for the pot with a local potter.

  4. A lovely post, Laurel, and I, too, love that blue pot!

    • Hi George,

      I haven’t been able to comment on your blog for a while ever since the name/URL reply option vanished. My wordpress account NEVER works. I actually tried commenting on your last post (“Alan Watts. No label” I just loved that!) but could not and lost what I typed when my wordpress login failed me yet again. If you reinstate the name/URL option, I’ll be back; I’m sure I’m not the only one having this trouble.

  5. Another problem seems to be this: your new posts don’t refresh themselves automatically on my sidebar list. (Other wordpress blogs do so it’s not inherently a wordpress issue.) Perhaps you need to change some systemic instruction at your end? (Only guessing!)

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